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Jun 1, 2022

AI Based Communication Network Infrastructure for Mining and Tunnelling Operations

Integrated Wireless Innovations Inc. (IWI) is proud to announce the registration of new Canadian and US patent. Our Novel “AI based Communication Network Infrastructure for Mining and Tunnelling Operations”, is paving the road for Smart Mining Operations.

Invented by, Dr. Wisam Farjow, Ph.D., PEng, and incentivised by the concept of the Neural Networks, our novel design is creating a true breakthrough in the mining industry to support the next level of advanced communication technologies and protocols in the mines and tunnels.

This novel technology provides an innovative Dynamic RF Routing (DRF) platform module to enable Intelligent Hybrid Network Architecture (I-HNA Architecture). Both Radiating Cable and Fiber Network dynamic adaptations allow superior and thoroughly reliable network deployments for mission critical operations. This technology will support legacy systems such as leaky cable and fiber networks but will allow for modular upgrade to advanced protocol such as LTE and other broadbands solutions.
Our novel Neura-Deep-Learning (NDL) module provides a comprehensive knowledge base to the networks in the mines and tunnels. These networks have superior learning capacity to discover and characterize their surroundings automatically. Based on this knowledge, the networks’ components will react in an intelligent manner to obtain optimum configurations, which can respond dynamically to the ever-changing network conditions and environments. The amplifiers and nodes in the network are continually aware of all physical and logical changes in the communication channels as well as in the layout in real time.

Integrated Wireless Innovations Inc. commercialized this technology to enable mines and tunnels entering the era of AI and Smart Mining in practical and progressive manner.

About IWI

IWI is a privately held company that was founded by a team of wireless technology experts. Over the past 25 years, the team has developed extensive and specialized experience in designing, deploying, and servicing advanced wireless solutions in more than 30 countries around the world, mainly in the mining and tunneling sectors.

IWI was founded to bring innovative thinking to the creation of a unified and comprehensive communications ecosystem by integrating technologies for the global mining, tunnelling, and railway industries.

IWI’s mission is to provide reliable technology-based services and products to enhance the safety and productivity of the industrial community through wireless access to real-time data. We are creating intelligence and innovations for future mining, tunneling and railway technologies.

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