About Us

Innovations for Mining, Tunneling, and Railway Technologies

IWI was founded to bring innovative thinking to the creation of a unified and comprehensive communications ecosystem by integrating technologies for the global mining, tunnelling, and railway industries.

IWI is a privately held company that was founded by a team of wireless technology experts. Over the past 25 years, the team has developed extensive and specialized experience in designing, deploying, and servicing advanced wireless solutions in more than 30 countries around the world, mainly in the mining and tunneling sectors.

IWI’s mission is to provide reliable technology-based services and products to enhance the safety and productivity of the industrial community through wireless access to real-time data. We are creating intelligence and innovations for future mining, tunneling and railway technologies

We are…

Manufacturers and developers of innovative mining, tunnelling and railway technologies.

Consultants and Systems Engineers for mining, tunnelling and railway solutions.

System Integrators, who provide installation and deployment services.

Providers of field and maintenance services.

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IWI’s multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities cover all major engineering disciplines required to design, build and maintain your mining networks and products, efficiently and professionally.