Current mining communication networks are struggling in supporting advanced mining applications such as autonomous mining, autonomous vehicles, systems automation, and control. Mining networks are required to be UNIFIED and intelligent to support Multiple Communication Protocols, while maintaining high network capacity, low latency, scalability, and resiliency requirements for the advanced mining applications.

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AI Based networks for mining operations

NeuraCom is the first true AI based Self Organized Network (SON) platform that is designed for mining operations. Through edge computing capabilities and centralized AI modules, the system components have built-in intelligence to continuously discover, analyze and learn the network surroundings and conditions for self-configuration in real time.

The NeuraCom network features AI based software defined radio applications to provide cutting edge features that represent a real breakthrough in network infrastructure. This patented technology provides an innovative Dynamic RF Routing (DRF) platform module to enable Intelligent Hybrid Network Architecture (I-HNA Architecture). Both Radiating Cable and Fiber Network dynamic adaptations allow superior and thoroughly reliable network deployments for mission critical operations.


  • Voice Communications
  • Data Applications
  • TBM and Refuge station connectivity
  • Telemetry (PLCs, Modbus-TCP)
  • Environmental Monitoring


  • Self-diagnostics
  • Cable break detection
  • Self-Mapping Layout
  • Remote Configuration
  • Self-Learning and Configuration
  • Direct Fiber Connectivity


  • Compatible with any existing Leaky Feeder Infrastructure or Line Amplifier
  • Compatible with any existing fiber backbone
  • Hybrid Network Architecture (Leaky Cable and Fiber)


Powered by our patented AI mine networks mapping and characterization algorithms, NeuraView is a complete Graphical Unit Interface (GUI) application that enables network monitoring and access control to all network elements locally and remotely via secure network platforms.

The NeuraView suite features advanced data analytics modules to provide state of the art network diagnostics and health monitoring systems. NeuraView monitors all network elements, including: Neura Line Amplifiers (NLA), Neura Fiber Amplifiers (NFA), Underground Neura Power Supplies (N-UPS), Leaky Cable for damages, and Fiber networks.

NeuraView brings comprehensive diagnostic information to the system’s database. The system continuously monitors the network elements and collect diagnostic information in real time. Our advanced Data Analytics Modules provide in- depth system analysis and reporting for a variety of network parameters and metrics including DC power, RF power, RF noise level, spectrum utilizations, channels capacities, leaky cable characteristics, fiber network diagnostics, temperature, and SNR.

Zero Down Time

Remote network monitoring allows for predictive maintenance to discover potential issues.

Network Mapping

A graphical representation for network architecture detailing all the elements and their connections will be provided automatically and in real-time.


The Network Troubleshooting mode enables network administrators and engineers to perform remote in-depth system tests and trouble-shooting analysis.

Our system if fully equipped with test tools to perform RF and power tests in the communications networks.

Every amplifier has built-in signal generators, a spectrum analyzer, multimeters, and a variety of sensors to enable thorough network tests and investigations remotely without needing to bring test equipment to the mine.

NeuraCom features two types of communication Head-Ends, namely, the Neura Master Headend Unit, N-MHU and Neura Optical Master Unit, N-OMU.

N-MHU – Neura Master Headend Unit

The N-MHU, is the NeuraCom master head-end combiner unit with the standard unit supporting up to 8 channels in the VHF band.

This N-MHU unit also interfaces the leaky cable system with the NeuraView Diagnostics software. An expansion unit is also available to allow system support for an additional 8 channels.

N-OMU – Neura Optical Master Unit

The NeuraCom optical master unit (N-OMU) can support up to 8 RFoF links to 8 remote NFA units, in star topology deployment. Only one strand of fiber is required to connect to each NFA, utilizing Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology to save on fiber cable requirements. An expansion unit is also available for 8 additional links.

NeuraCom Amplifiers (NLA and NFA)

NeuraCom offers two types of system amplifiers. These are the Neura Line Amplifier (NLA) and Neura Fiber Amplifier (NFA). The NLA and NFA amplifiers are essential component of the NeuraCom system. The main objectives of the amplifiers are to provide amplification and signal conditioning (i.e., equalizations) to the RF traffic in the system. Based on AI Algorithms these amplifiers provide superior performance, noise cancelation, and enable flexible adaptation and compatibility to any third-party system available in the market.

AI-Based Network

True AI based Self Organized Network (SON) platform that is designed for mining operations.

Through edge computing capabilities and centralized intelligence modules, the network components have built- in intelligence to continuously discover, analyze and learn the network surroundings and conditions to self-configure itself in a real time fashion.

Deep Learning

The patented Neura-Deep- Learning (NDL) module provides a comprehensive deep learning knowledge base to the networks in the mines and tunnels.


NLA and NFA amplifiers are fully equipped with advanced features that makes system installation and system troubleshooting easy and secure. Each amplifier comes with a built-in signal generator, as well as network and spectrum analyzers that allow for remote troubleshooting and system analysis.


Field repair and troubleshooting are also made easy with our NeuraTool that allows wireless laptop connections to the amplifier in the field without opening the amplifier enclosures to perform the test. Engineers and technicians do not need to bring their test equipment to the mine; they can perform comprehensive tests with their laptops wirelessly connected to the amplifiers

System’s Passive Components

NeuraCom offers a wide range of passive units to enable the construction of scalable network architectures in mines and tunnels. All passive components are built in ruggedized IP 68 housings and designed to provide higher standards of RF performance.


Neura Branch Unit-2


Neura Power Coupler


Neura Termination Unit


Neura Branch Unit-3


Neura Point of Interface


Neura Splice Unit

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