Designing & Deploying Advanced Wireless Solutions

Consultation Services

Specialized Professional Engineers

Consultations & Design Services

IWI’s consulting services for mining technologies and communication networks cover a wide range of areas that are specific to the needs of each project in our industry sectors. Our consultation services include:

  • NSystems design for communication infrastructures and networks
  • NTechnical Specifications Development for mining, tunnelling and railways communication and control systems
  • NBids and Requests for Quotation (RFQ) consultation services
  • NProject Management, planning, operational support, and improvements consultations
  • NDigital mining transformation platform consultations
  • NProduct development and new technology utilizations
Technical Field Services

Mining Communication Networks

Technical Field Services

IWI is your specialized provider for 24/7 Technical Field Services for all mining communications systems. With over 25 years of experience, our engineers and technologists have been trained and certified to work in the mining, tunnelling and railway environments. We provide maintenance, testing, and repair services of all types with communications networks and control systems deployed in mines and tunnels.

Predictive Maintenance

IWI’s predictive maintenance Technical Field Services can help you prevent downtime, outages, and lack of productivity. Our maintenance strategy leverages predictive testing and maintenance, so we can find and correct issues in equipment before they cause your operation to grind to a halt. We can offer our services in the form of field services and maintenance contracts to ensure your communication networks are operations all time. Ask us about our remote Network Monitoring Platform (NMP) that can supplement our repair and maintenance services.

Product Development

Mining Innovations

Product Development

IWI is a leader in transforming innovative ideas into great systems and products. We consistently exceed client and employee expectations to build long-term relationships.

IWI has an amazing team of talented experts with the experience and capabilities to create a complex electronic product from concept through to production. As a dynamic technology partner, we deliver differentiated solutions through seamless execution.

Products for Mining

We have more than 25 years of product development experience, specifically for the mining industry. We are familiar with mining operations, processes, and environments, so our development and design will be practical and suitable to the mining environment, operation and certification requirements.

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IWI’s multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities cover all major engineering disciplines required to design, build and maintain your mining networks and products, efficiently and professionally.