First AI-Based Intelligent Unified Communication Networks (I-UCN) for Mining and Tunnelling Operations

Inspired by Neural Networks philosophy, our patented innovations utilize AI-based processes and algorithms to introduce novel communication networks infrastructure.

Designed specifically for mining and tunneling operations, our four lines of Neural Networks operate as Self Organized Networks (SON) to provide the needed Intelligent Unified Communication Networks (I-UCN) platform for reliable digital transformation in the mining and tunneling sectors.

At the physical layer, the AI-based algorithms feature our invention of “Intelligent Hybrid Network Architecture (I-HNA Architecture)” where dynamic and integrated adaptations for several networking technologies such as Leaky Cable, Fiber Networks and Wireless Mesh, are all integrated in under one network to provide a physical network unification architecture.

At the application layer, our novel Service Oriented Algorithms (SOA) unify a number of communication protocols under one network. Communication protocols for data and voice communications based on VHF/UHF, Broadband, LTE, and Wi-Fi are all integrated as one network to allow applications and users to adaptively access the requested services when required.

Features and Benefits

  • 5Voice and data unified across a single sophisticated communications AI-Based network that can incorporate VHF & UHF radio as well as mesh and LTE technologies
  • 5Management and control across the entire mining environment, even in harsh and confined conditions
  • 5Immediate identification of where any problems on the network are situated
  • 5Remote configuration and monitoring software package
  • 5Thanks to software defined radios-based design, the nodes firmware can be configured to allow full compliance with most of the commercial system on the market
  • 5Cost-effective migrations from legacy to advanced platforms such as P-LTE and 5G
  • 5Superior performance that is scalable to large system deployments
  • 5Advanced network algorithms for simplified installation and network configurations

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