IWI installs AI-based NeuraCOM system at NORCAT Mine

Sep 22, 2022

A real breakthrough in mining communication systems

Integrated Wireless Innovations Inc. has installed AI-based NeuraCOM system at NORCAT Mine in Sudbury Ontario. This patented technology is the only AI-Based Network Infrastructure to provide Unified Communication Networks (UCN) for advanced applications in the mines.

Current mining communication networks are struggling to support advanced mining applications, such as autonomous mining, autonomous vehicles, systems automation, and control. “Mining networks are required to be UNIFIED and intelligent to support Multiple Communication Protocols, while maintaining high network capacity, low latency, scalability, and resiliency for the advanced mining applications,” says Mr. Bob Lavergne, Vice President Business Development, Integrated Wireless Innovations.

“Unified communication allows NORCAT not to just work more safely and more efficiently within our training operations, but it also provides our technology clients with access to an advanced communication network to perform ongoing innovative research and development of emerging mining technologies with the support of IWI’s professional team’” observes Mr. Greg Major, Director of Norcat’s Underground Center.

Included in the system deployed at NORCAT is the NeuraVu software, which features advanced data analytics modules to provide state of the art network diagnostics, health monitoring and remote optimization of the entire network. “Remote access to the communications system has proven to be a useful tool for troubleshooting coverage issues without the need of sending out a technician,” adds Mr. Greg Major.

“At the physical layer, our AI-based algorithms feature the novel ‘Intelligent Hybrid Network Architecture (I-HNA Architecture)’ where a number of networking technologies such as Leaky Cable, Fiber Networks and Wireless Mesh, are all integrated under one network,” says Dr. Wisam Farjow, Ph.D., P.Eng., President, Integrated Wireless Innovations.

Furthermore, Dr. Farjow explains, “At the application layer, our novel Service Oriented Algorithms (SOA) has the potential of unifying number communication protocols under one network infrastructure. Communication protocols for data and voice communications based on VHF/UHF, Broadband, LTE, and Wi-Fi can be integrated in one network infrastructure to allow applications and users to adaptively access the requested services when required.”

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