IWI delivers Critical Voice Communication to Michels Canada

Jun 26, 2023

Integrated Wireless Innovations Inc supplied its NeuraCOM communication system to Michels Canada to provide critical voice communications during the rehabilitation of a sanitary trunk sewer tunnel in Markham, Ontario. The system was engineered, deployed, commissioned, and signed off in record time to ensure the rehabilitation project remains on time and on budget, without compromising safety.

The NeuraCOM system is built using patented technology that embraces AI-based intelligence to realize an advanced Unified Communication Network that is future ready and able to deliver service to advanced applications in tunnels and mines.

Mr. Jon Cox, site civil works superintendent for Michels Canada indicated that “The system is ideal for construction projects and delivers continuous clear voice communication throughout the tunnel. The system is very easy to install, designed to be robust and can scale as tunnel work progresses”.  He added, “ We simply install the NeuraCOM system components , and the system manages itself automatically in the tunnel!”

IWI’s VP of Engineering, Mr. Leon Kotze elaborated: “NeuraCOM is our flagship product suite, and we are the first company to introduce Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the underground communication market. We design our systems with the customer in mind. Our goal is to provide an adaptable system that dynamically adjusts as underground conditions change, without interrupting critical safety systems like voice communications.”

Mr. Kotze continued “NeuraCOM is part of IWI’s Unified Communications (UC) platform aiming to improve productivity, reduce costs and provide increased flexibility in all aspects of system design, deployment, and utilization. NeuraCOM is a complete turn-key communication solution that also includes a real-time diagnostic component, NeuraVu. This advanced software suite provides value-added features, such as diagnostic data analytics, network diagnostics, network characterization as well as remote system monitoring and management.”

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