Tunnels Communication Systems

Tunnels are a key part of many transport infrastructures. Whether road tunnels, hydro tunnels, water tunnels, subway tunnels or railway tunnels, they keep cities moving and communities connected.

Engineering reliable communication systems and deploying them in tunnels requires detailed planning and expert execution. From extensive radio propagation testing to integrating with mobile phone carriers and commercial radio broadcasters, planning a network that runs underground requires a wealth of specialized knowledge and experience.


Integrated wireless innovations Inc (IWI) specializes in developing customized and unified communications systems for use in challenging environments, such as tunnels – from system design and planning, through deployments and installations, to ongoing maintenance and support. IWI engineering team is regarded as one of the top engineering companies in designing, supplying and maintaining advanced communication systems in tunnels. We apply our knowledge and experience in customizing solution to the specific needs in the tunnel’s environments. Our 25 years of experience in the design of telecommunication systems in tunnels made us one of the top engineering companies in this domain.

DAB & FM Tunnel Voice Break-In by IWI

DAB & FM Tunnel Voice Break-In

IWI is a global pioneer in providing industry leading solution for field proven DAB+ and FM Tunnel Voice Break-in technologies for emergency situations in tunnels and buildings. Our solutions provide digital (DAB+) and channelized (FM) emergency Voice Break-In (VBI) with customizable RDS messages in tunnels utilizing advanced mission critical network design. Our solutions are deployed globally in many road tunnels in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East.

Voice communication VHF/UHF, TETRA, P25, Emergency and Fire Brigade

Voice communication VHF/UHF, TETRA, P25, Emergency and Fire Brigade

We understand the diverse and dynamic challenges faced by organizations managing tunnels; our approach combines voice and data transmission across resilient unified networks. We consolidate communications to wider transport networks and third parties, such as emergency services, suited to specific tunnel environments.

IWI is a renowned expert in the design of advanced tunnels systems architecture based on hybrid platforms of fiber Distributed Antenna System (DAS) and Radiating Cable Networks (RCN). We provide solutions for Professional Mobile Radio (PMR), Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) and P25 operations.

Advanced LTE Coverage

Advanced LTE coverage

At IWI, we have developed specialization in designing and deploying advanced LTE coverage in road and rail tunnels. Our designs are deployed in many road and railway tunnels across the world. We provide complete RF propagation analyses, heatmaps and coverage simulations in 3D format to ensure a guaranteed level of network availability.

Advanced LTE Coverage

Wi-Fi & Mesh Networks

Wi-Fi and Mesh Networks. IWI has introduced a novel design for deploying Mesh Networks in the tunnel’s environments. Our Linear-Routing algorithms enables secure and advanced design architecture for better data handling when Wi-Fi and Mesh Networks are deployed in tunnels. Our integrated hybrid architecture of combined LTE and Mesh Networks has allowed us to enable more secure Layer-2 and Layer-3 integrations for improved data loading and coverage expansion in the linear deployment architecture of the tunnels.

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