Railway Communication Systems

IWI’s innovations and expertise in providing secure telecommunication services in confined spaces, underground mines, and tunnels, are unsurpassed. With Ph.D. level of specialization, our engineers are highly trained in designing and deploying secure and reliable communication networks in railway tunnels. Our in-depth knowledge in RF propagation in confined spaces combined with 25 years of experience have allowed us to deploy a large number of communication systems in railway tunnels internationally.

Positive Train Control Over Fiber (PTCoF)

Intelligent-Positive Train Control (I-PTC) in Tunnels

Our novel I-PTC network can reliably extend the 220 MHz signal through long tunnels. This architecture will also enable simplex communications in tunnels for the integration of voice communications based on AAR 160 MHz band with Positive Train Control (PTC) operations. Furthermore, our technologies can be adopted to enable the 450 MHz Distributed Power (DP) systems in the tunnels to ensure secure coordination for the braking systems throughout the length of the train in the tunnel. In addition, for being an infrastructure communication network, the I-PTC, is a comprehensive IoT platform that allow the minoring and control of various railway related functionalities such as EoT and signalling communications.

LTE Expansion

LTE Expansion

Cellphone services for voice and data can be expanded into railway tunnels utilizing our unified network platform. Expanding the LTE coverage into the tunnel can further be utilized to provide a backup link for the PTC communication in the tunnel.

IWI’s design architecture is a resilient platform to ensure mission critical system operations. We utilize advanced design and simulation tools to guarantee coverage and ensure your investment is protected. We build 3D models of your system during the design stage and prior to deployment to ensure coverage and performance outcomes.

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Railway Communication Systems

Railway Communication Systems

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