Mines Communication Systems

IWI Leaky Cable

IWI’s technical team has extensive experience of more than 25 years in the design, deployment and maintenance of large-scale underground mining networks based on radiating and leaky cable networks. Our advanced network platform can be interfaced with most legacy leaky cable systems while providing a path to migrate toward intelligent communication infrastructure.

IWI Fiber Networks for underground mines

IWI Fiber Networks

Our Fiber based unified mining network offers a reliable and scalable approach to integrating services and networks infrastructure over a unified platform. Whether IP/MPLS (internet protocol / multi-protocol label switching) or RFoF (RF over Fiber) network architecture, our design team have the specializations and training in designing, deploying and maintaining fiber network systems in the mining industry. Our solutions employ leading technology with both great ability to scale and impressive data handling capacity.

IWI Fiber Networks for underground mines

IWI Mesh Networks

IWI Mesh Networks are an important element of our unified communication platform. Our novel and unique Mesh network has been designed specifically for confined space operations. Building on our specialization in RF propagation design and networking experiences, our novel algorithms for routing in mining environments have been developed with mining in mind. Our designs and solutions offer a high level of reliability, network availability and secure coverage in the mining operation.

IWI Private LTE for underground mines

Private LTE

We believe in the fact that Private LTE (P-LTE) network will drive improved safety and productivity at the mine site. The high throughput and low latency offered by the system means staff will be able to control critical equipment without interruption.

IWI is the world leader in providing turnkey solutions to design, supply and deploy P-LTE wireless networks for industrial and mission-critical applications. We help our clients transform their businesses with private, secure, reliable wireless networks: from the proof of concept (PoC) to the system design and coverage simulations all the way to deploying reliable private LTE network in the mines.

Mines Communication Systems

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IWI’s multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities cover all major engineering disciplines required to design, build and maintain your mining networks and products, efficiently and professionally.