In-Building Coverage Solutions

In Building Coverage Solutions

We rely on being connected through our cell phones. Today, having a strong cellular signal indoors is more important than ever as more than 80% of all mobile traffic is generated indoors. Walls keep signals out; therefore, carefully engineered in-building coverage solutions are needed.

Emergency Radio Communications

Emergency Radio Communications Systems

The emergency radio communications systems used by public-safety first responders are key to staying connected during emergency and recovery operations. TETRA and P25 radio coverage must be designed as part of resilient architectures to ensure network availably in all critical situations.

DAB & FM Tunnel Voice Break-In by IWI

Connectivity Infrastructure

IWI has over 25 years of experience delivering connectivity infrastructure for in-building public safety and cellular solutions (5G and LTE). We offer a broad portfolio of network solutions combined with the expertise and resources to design, deploy and service them. Our designs have been deployed in many of the world’s largest energy production facilities, airports, railway and metro stations, and tunnels.

Mines Communication Systems

Tunnels Communication Systems

In Building Coverage Solutions

Railway Communication Systems

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IWI’s multi-disciplinary engineering capabilities cover all major engineering disciplines required to design, build and maintain your mining networks and products, efficiently and professionally.